Lawn Service: Which Season Is Ideal for Putting Up a New Lawn?

The Ideal Time to Construct a New Grass

It is tempting to lay some new lawn strips at any convenient time and hope for the best if you are establishing a new lawn or replacing the old one. Ultimately, you want your lawn to germinate as fast as possible so that you can begin utilizing it. However, this may not be beneficial for your lawn. You could even slow down your lawn’s development when you place it at the wrong time. According to lawn service experts, several aspects need to be taken into account when selecting the most appropriate time for your new lawn: location, weather, grass type, and season. It is always important to lay your lawn during its active growing season, when the climate is moderate. The chances are high that your lawn will grow well if it’s not extremely hot or extremely cold.


The best time to lay your new lawn is spring, as the grass is waking up after winter rest and grows quickly, taking good rooting. This implies that your turfgrass will grow up well and fast, and it may also not get spoiled by harsh elements like heat or frost.

The environment is also perfect for your maintenance work, as you will only have limited work to do. It is essential to have cool conditions prevail, with the early chilly spells of spring just starting to change into warmer conditions. This will ensure that your lawn is well-settled and that you can use it throughout the summer months.


Also, autumn would be an ideal time for laying your lawn to provide cooler temperatures for your grass. You will not have to water the lawn frequently as is necessary in the summer so that the grass does not suffer from heat stress or burns from the Sun.

Ensure in any case that you install your lawn as early as possible with the fall season in any of the colder regions so that it establishes well before winter sets. However, in warm environments, it is not necessary but advisable to establish the lawn before the worst winter period. If your region is cooler, then the earlier you start a lawn, the more time you will have to establish it and be successful. Wait until spring if this is not possible.

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