Lawn Overseeding Procedures From a Professional Lawn Service Provider

How to Perform Overseeding for Your Lawn

The time of year is here when we think about lawn maintenance, but what if you could improve your yard without doing anything? Lawn overseeding is a simple way to boost the color and health of your grass, and it takes just an hour or two of work. No matter how much rain you’ve gotten this spring or summer, there’s no reason not to consider adding new greenery to your yard. Here are some overseeding procedures for your backyard provided by a professional lawn service provider:

Mow Your Lawn Low

To ensure the best results, you must mow your lawn to a height of 1.5-2.5cm. This will help the seedlings establish quickly and prevent them from being smothered by taller grasses and weeds. If you’re not sure how to measure your lawn’s height, use a ruler or tape measure to measure out 10 square feet.

Prepare the Soil

Turn on the sprinkler and let it run for 15 minutes or so until the soil is moist. Use a rake to smooth out the surface of your lawn, removing any clumps of dirt or debris that may have been collected there since you last mowed it. Use a shovel to remove any rocks or other large objects from your yard. This is to prevent injuries when stepped on later by children playing outside during spring break!

Sow New Seed

Once you have identified the best time to overseed your lawn, you will want to know how much seed is required and where it should be sown. The amount of seed needed depends on the size of your area and whether or not you are using grass plugs, which are small plugs that contain multiple seeds within them. When determining how far apart each type of new plant should be spaced from its neighbors, consider their size at maturity when planning where each group should go in relation to other plants around them.

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